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Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover

How much protection you need will depend upon your resources, your dependents' needs and your financial commitments.

Candleston Financial Services Ltd offers independent advice on four main types of protection:

Level Term Assurance - typically used to protect families. A single lump sum is payable if the life assured dies within a fixed term. Premiums and payout are fixed.

Mortgage Protection (Decreasing Term Assurance) - the most common type of life cover. Payments decrease in line with the home loan as it is gradually paid off.

Whole Of Life Protection - a fixed sum is paid out on the death of the life assured. Premiums continue throughout the life assured and are reviewed typically every 10 years.

UK Critical Illness Insurance
Most forms of life policies give you the option of adding critical illness cover to your life insurance policy. You can also use any of the forms for a critical illness quote only.
This type of insurance is designed to provide you with a capital sum if you survive one of the specified critical illnesses. These plans are normally used to provide funds to pay off your mortgage and/or other loans and to provide funds for convalescence and special health care needs.
The illnesses covered include heart attack, cancer, major organ transplant, Alzheimer's disease, stroke and many others. Most insurers will cover a similar list of critical illnesses since the core illnesses covered are agreed through the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

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